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FLASH 8 설치방법 [ 제가 쓰는프로그램 ]

건태 : 지금도 이 방법으로도 다운되요..?
김기성 : 다시 적습니다 (수정)
플래시8은 서비스 종료 했고 이제
어도비사 애니매이트가 나와서 그기로 많이
갈아탈거지만..뭐 졸라맨이나 어몽어스 캐릭터?같은 단순한 캐릭들은 만들수있고
좀 보통 캐들은 플래시로 많든기에는 힘들어요 누가 바이러스에 걸린 댓글을 봤는데 다운링크 하는데에 좀 불법파일?
같은게 따라와서 바이에 걸린거 같애요 컴이
약한분들은 다운 안하는게 추천이예용
게임충 : 알집이열어지긴 했는데 파일이 안보여요
노오바 : 으음... 압축을 풀어도 어디있는지 안 보이는데에... 으쩌죠...?
마크서관 : 다 다운하고 파일 지워도 돼나요?
Chin PA : 알집이면 압축풀기 압축하기 프로그램 아녀
넘네님 : 이거 뭐 구매같은거 해야하나요?
lo l : 무료?
모아이 Mo-I : 플래시8이 않보이네여.....
요한 : 와 잘쓸게요

[FLASH 8] How to install Flash 8? | Macromedia Flash 8 Free Download

Download Flash 8

Hi Everybody! Today we are going
to learn about a wonderful animation tool

Macromedia FLASH 8 Tutorial

Download Flash


Find the link in description

After downloading run the software

you have successfully installed flash 8

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daksh gaming and more : you liar get lost from youtube bastard
Cartoon Tamizhan : Bro 404 not found problem
Cartoon Tamizhan : Bro 404 not found problem
aleena treesa : too bad not available site and says it has virus anyways thanx to me I installed antivirus
Soni Dheer : nope its not a virus
but the link is expired
EVERYTHING TV : Are they getting paid
Yenny reviany : yeaaaaaaaaa I feel went there virus the cops gonna get me;-;
BRO CODE : It has virus only owner could download
Stickzsh : at 2018 thaT HAS BEEN IFECTED WITH A VIRUS. what now?
Ngs Corrupt : Its a virus

flash 8 free download 2018

published on 01/09/2018
hello guys today I am going to show yo that how to download flash 8 for free and use it

download file =
Macromedia Flash 8 Free Download for Windows 10, 7 ... - Soft Famous

serial code=

thank you .
VIKRAM AHUJA : Thank you my computer teacher was forcing me to downald flash but i was not able to downald that but now i have downalded it easily thank you very much
ramya george : Thank you its very useful fr me
The LiGhT Way ChAiTaNyA : Be patient
Lord TRex : no link in desc then a name
Lord TRex : your voice looks that your 7
Sajid Pervaiz : thank you soooo much it helped me a lot
Junnuru Ramachandra rao : Thank you. You have helped me a lot
Water Boi : Noice back ground Noise
Reminiscent Rose : link?
LoganDaBro : Thanks dude!




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